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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Nothing wrong with listen. In fact, it's a key to success. It is also a sign of respect towards others. Speak less, listen more. When you speak more, you don't think more. But when you listen more, you think more. Sometimes we need to listen to what we are saying in order to think more. Listen doesn't mean we agree to what someone has said. To me, when I speak you 'listen' means when I speak you think.

* sape yg belajar sampai menara gading, almost tau benda ni, good luck! to me Sharifah Zohra Jabeen done her work. Dah ckp tak boleh masukkan unsur politik dalam forum tersebut, but Bawani started to talk about pendidikan percuma, BERSIH n so on mmg patut mic itu direntap. Org kita mmg suka sgt benda percuma kan? just want to refresh, there's nothing FREE in this world, google lah negara2 yg amalkan pendidikan percuma, apa yg mereka korbankan untuk pendidikan percuma tersebut?  Ok malas nak ulas lelebih, kang ada org yg sentap merentap kat ahkak. ok bai!

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